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My approach to photography is to combine both fine art and documentary styles. I photograph in a way to capture the important moments but will also style and direct posing, in order to create both beautiful images and tell a timeless story. 



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“Every time I look through a camera, I'm surprised.  It's like finding yourself in the middle of a story...

I think I've been taking pictures all my life, long before I ever had a camera."

- Sabrina, the movie Sabrina

I love, like really reeeeally love it.  That, and gummy candy.  And someday, I plan to invent a karaoke machine for cars, because let's face it...I'm basically Celine Dion when I'm driving.  I can make a big life decision quicker than I can pick a restaurant to eat at.  I'm an aunt to the sweetest kids in this world and hope they always think I'm a rockstar.  My sisters are my best friends and my best friends are like sisters.  In another life, I'd be a chef...but as of now, I can't bake a cookie to save my life.  I am constantly buying yogurt and am always throwing it out because I never eat it.  I don't own any pets, but if I had a puppy, his name would be Mr. Benedict.  I'm a lot like my dad...quirks and all.  I had a wonderful mom who laughed loudly, cried easily, and loved without fear...I want to be more like her. 

My suitcase is always half packed because I'm always up for an adventure.  Combining travel with doing what I love has been the greatest gift ever.  I'm always struck with love and gratitude for all of those who invite me into their lives and let me document their stories!!

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Lifestyle sessions

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1 - 1.5 hr. session on location (aprox. 35-40 images in gallery)

Digital hi-res images with print permission


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I am based in Chicago and am available for both US and International travel.
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